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Sep 06, 2020 · "On Letter Writing" is a wonderful creation of A.G. Gardiner. He was a British Journalist and author. A.G Gardiner was widely known by his pen name “Alpha of The Plough”. His essays always remind us of pleasant things, Sunshine, Laughter, and peace. His famous works include ...read more


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Oct 19, 2016 · A.G Gardiner accused his fellow- traveller as _____ (a) a vagrant (b) a public nuisance (c) travelling without a ticket (d) all the above ...read more


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By A. G. Gardiner “On Saying Please” is an essay by the British author A. G. Gardiner. He wrote under the pen name ‘Alpha of the Plough’. In this essay he talks about the importance of good manners. According to the writer modesty is the most important quality. Rudeness is not a legal offence but it is harmful for the wellbeing ...read more


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Aug 14, 2019 · In On Writing an Article by A.G. Gardiner we have the theme of indecision, habit, confusion and insecurity. Taken from his Pebbles on the Shore collection the reader realises after reading the essay that Gardiner may be exploring the theme of indecision. Gardiner is unable to pick a subject to write an article on. ...read more


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A G Gardiner Short Essays

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A G Gardiner Short Essays

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Home Assignment • Answer the following in about 200-250 words: • 1) Discuss A.G. Gardiner’s prose style. • 2) Give a critical summary of the essay ‘On Superstitions’ • Answer the following questions in 100-150 words: • 1) Highlight the elements of satire in the essay … ...read more


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A G Gardiner Short Essays

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Sep 26, 2013 · Alfred George (A.G.) Gardiner was a British journalist and author. He was a prolific essayist and his style and subject matter easily qualified him to … ...read more


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A. G. Gardiner – On Saying Please Essay Sample. Alfred George Gardiner ( 1865–1946 ) . a British journalist and writer. is extremely regarded in the literary sphere. From 1915 he contributed to The Star under the anonym ( pen name ) Alpha of the Plough. The narrative behind the choosing of the name is interesting. At the clip. ...read more


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Jul 13, 2020 · Ans. A. G. Gardiner was famous for his essays on even trivial is like on Catching Trains. On the Rule of the Road. On saying Please On Umbrella Morals is such a peculiar essay which captures a very common phenomena which expresses the modern … ...read more


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A g gardiner essays. Blog view warren adelson; windfalls by ag gardiner - 1991 view notes by t gardiner in the. Blog 6 taxon authority gardiner is a star under the frederick g gardiner 2014 on linkedin. Educated at the 'photos' section for freedom and make an essayist. Below you'll find out of dean, phone numbers, 1865-1946. ...read more


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On Saying Please - 2277 Words | Bartleby ...read more


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Jul 16, 2013 · This essay was in"Gleanings from English Literature which was prescribed for us in 1943-44 in the sixth standard at St.Paul's .Belgaum. I had written about this text book inan early issue of 'The Paulite Link' Some of my favourite essays of A.G.Gardiner were in "leaves in the Wind" and "Alpha of the plough".This essay (All about a dog") brought ...read more


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Aug 24, 2007 · By A.G. Gardiner A. G. Gardiner (1865-1946) was for several years the editor of The Daily News, and produced several collections of essay and sketches like The Pillars of Society, Pebbles on the Shore, Leaves in the Wind and Many Furrows. His essay are characterized by wit, humour, and a deep understanding of human nature. ...read more



A. G. Gardiner - On Saying Please. Alfred George Gardiner (1865–1946), a British journalist and author, is highly regarded in the literary arena. From 1915 he contributed to The Star under the pseudonym (pen name) Alpha of the Plough. The story behind the choosing of the name is interesting. At the time, The Star had several anonymous essayists whose pseudonyms were the names of stars. ...read more